One Day I Walk                                                                           "Our Children Are Our Future"


Text Box: I extend a special Thank You! to the following nice people met along the way. 
Pat Wolff - Union, OH 
Alan Warner -KY 
Dianne Green - Super 8 motel - N. Little Rock, AR 
Becky Daniels - Lakeview, TN 
Sabrina- Days Inn - Forrest City, AR 
Brent Williams - USAF - Little Rock, AR 
Charles Watson - De Valls Bluff, AR 
Rick Sakora - Ditto 
Jesse Barnhill - Ditto 
Donna - Riverview Cafe - Ditto 
Leitha Danley, Flint, MI (Little Rock, AR - on plane to DTW) 
Holly from Merle Norman - 
Bob Houston - Mall parking lot 
Ray Peneley - AR 
Crystal - Camden, TN 
Sarah Stone - Huntingdon, TN 
And to my Support Team Lynn Marie and Ray 
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